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Purpose- just what is it? I’d like to think that everyone has their own. In its own time, purpose is realized. Plans are established and destiny completes itself. Like a young man growing through his wild years, Basket Case Magazine has found its groove. Listen, this ain’t nothin’ new. I mean it’s just another platform to spread news and share passion, right? What sets Basket Case apart from the rest is our unbridled willingness to tell it like it is in an area that is taboo to some and too political for others. Before the scenesters and stereotypes, there was culture. Now don’t get me wrong, there is still culture in what we do, it’s just a little watered down, that’s all. We want to ensure that the history is preserved in its purest form, not twisted bit by bit in a game of generational “telephone”. People have paved the way for everyone else and these people don’t always like to be seen or heard. What I have noticed is that the ones who dug the trenches, that some are still trudging today, are just too disgusted with the way things are to even care about preserving their purpose. So many years spent fighting for what they believed in. But for what? So that it could be lost in translation? Fuck that. Our “mission statement” if you will, has become one of making sure that the stories of the founding fathers of original fucking cool are told, and that they are told by them and in their own words. Preserving our history is of the upmost importance to us. When the stories and facts are lost in translation, twisted to fit other peoples fantasies or agendas, or just plain forgotten over time, it’s like a candle flickering its final glow. We cannot allow that to happen.

We are always trying to come up with cool new ways to pass along our findings to our readers. We teamed up with Brandon Casquilho of Mullins Chain Drive and Ken Nagahara to get an in-depth interview with the man himself, Mr. Bob Munroe. Bob, or “Mun” as he likes to be called, has been around the custom motorcycle world longer than most. I won’t spoil the interview but I will say this. I couldn’t bring myself to chop up the interview. This is our history being explained from the proverbial horse’s mouth. Hell, I couldn’t bring myself to dictate the interview into text either. Not JUST because I am lazy, but also because the more times I listened to the recorded interview the more I felt like I was sitting there with them. I could almost smell the rusted metal and grease rags. The sounds of the bar stools screeching as Mun jumped up from his seat to grab things time and time again. The sound of Ken Nagahara’s shutter snapping as he caught the action on film. Brandon’s unique perspective and insight into the life story told here is second to none. Take a ride with us and listen along for yourself. We've uploaded the interview here for y’all to listen to as you flip through some of Ken’s images. I hope you enjoy a new way to experience this featured interview!